Thanks To The Quick Thinking Of His Parents, A Two-Year-Old Survived The Fight Against Lethal Rattlesnake's Venom!

When a baby is born, the parents wish all the world’s happiness for their child. They make sure that their newborn is in front of their eyes to keep them away from any harm. Parents always know when something is wrong with their kids. Be it a toddler, a teen or an adult, a parent always knows that something’s bothering their little one, even when nothing is said to them. That’s exactly what happened with the two-year-old Parker, who was having the time of his life in his backyard with his dad.

The Hadley family from Grapevine were at their second property in the Panhandle at the time of the incident.

Trent Hadley said that he was on the back porch with his little one, gathering some firewood to roast s’mores when he noticed that a baby rattlesnake attacked his 2-year-old, who was standing right next to him. Although his little boy was in sneakers, the snake somehow managed to get the back of his leg.


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