Thanks To The Quick Thinking Of His Parents, A Two-Year-Old Survived The Fight Against Lethal Rattlesnake's Venom!

“I reach down to hand him some firewood and saw the snake, and it just got him. Immediately, I grabbed him took him inside, rolled him over saw he was bitten,” said Trent.

“He was not tearful. He was not screaming, hurting in pain,” said the boy’s mother, Amy. “Luckily, we just saw the snake and knew what it was.” Though Parker was calm and composed, the Hadleys decided to get it checked once and rushed him to Childress Regional Medical Center.


Thankfully, the child received care within 25 minutes of suffering the bite.

Not too long after, he was flown to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, which is a Level 1 trauma centre. “We are very fortunate and very blessed to be where we are today. Could have been a very different story,” Amy said. For the last few days, a team at the hospital has been monitoring the bite and the tissue around it. They are managing Parker’s pain and keeping a close eye on his overall health.


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