The 13 Bizarre Things We ALL Love To Do When We Are All Alone!

The thing about humans is that we all have a facade, a different version of ourselves that we put up while in the company of others and we’re our real selves only with ourselves. That’s when our weird and strangest side comes to the forefront. One of the many upsides of this is, that it can lead to a lot of hilarious outcomes. Here are some of the things people do when they’re alone;

#1 Pants off jammie’s on


First things first, the pants go the instant you know you’re gonna be alone at home. Strolling around in the undies is just a natural thing we all like to do.

#2 The experiments begin


What’s the fun of being alone when you don’t experiment with yourselves?
Most people like to put on a concert and dance to it in their jammies of, course!
Whereas some people simply resort to writing or some would simply try on different hair-dos. Talking about strange activities some people try on adult diapers or put on clothes.

#3 Adapt the open door policy.


Well, we really don’t have anything to hide when nobody’s watching so there’s no question of closing the doors. Activities such as peeing, bathing, changing that used to take place behind closed doors now take place with them wide open.

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