The Art Platter! You'll Be Blown After Seeing the Amazing Food Art Around The World

The one thing, other than internet that connects the world is art. Art is often defined as an expression, feeling and so on and the other thing that brings people closer is food. The relation between both of them is that they’re both connected to us, also connects us, so here is something breathtakingly beautiful, Food art.
Designers all around the world are making that platter a lot more colorful and interesting. For those we suck at art this is something you sure would love to try, actually something you would love to ace. Lets take a look at the amazing food art.

1. Village Mania


Wanted to be an architect, but couldn’t fulfill your dream for some reasons. Here’s a classy alternative, make a food city. It is sure is an innovative way to present a fruit salad. Even if someone isn’t found of fruits, he sure would be tempted to eat this very colorful city.

2. The Mudding Rice


If you ever had a trouble expressing your desire, let your food do the talking.
Longing a mud bath, lets bathe rice in chicken soup and get it over with.
Creativity is at it’s best here, I would jump to have something proffered in such a unique manner.

3. Sausage Fairy


We all search for superheroes  and the disappointment leads to finding one in your food. A sausage hero, on its way to feed the poor and save the world!

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