The American Girl Catalog Features Toddler With Down-Syndrome

While most of us are busy creating an illusionary world for ourselves, one that is full of fake and pretentiousness, this one renowned catalog decided to ditch the regular themes and instead opted for something unusual. An approach the netizens have been lauding ever since it has come to focus, something that shall melt the toughest hearts- it sure will!

This one model that features on the catalog has been taking the internet by storm- she is none other than the 4-year-old Ivy, who models for the catalog who has been in the limelight for quite a while now. The catch is that this little beauty was born with the Down syndrome.

The recent pictures show the four-year-old holding a doll, as she stands near a Christmas tree. According to her mother, the opportunity is a big thing for Ivy as well as their entire family, and why just their family but rather for all those who struggle in the same way.

It is not very common for the ones with Down syndrome to be welcomed and featured on such a platform. The moment is big, the moment is of inclusiveness and the mother hopes that it shall soon become normal and regular and that it would not have to be in the news section any longer.

On interviewing the American Girl, their spokesperson responded to the People Magazine that the little down-syndromic model was extremely precious and graceful and that it was a pleasure working with her. The shots she’s given are heartwarming and beautiful; in fact, the team is intending to hire her full time.

The project was aimed to celebrate women and girls- of all kinds irrespective of big or small difference, irrespective of them not matching the conventional standards, the theme is to enjoy the existence of women in the pure form that they are.

In an interview, Ivy’s mother mentioned being extremely proud of her baby girl and the best part was the team permitted the mother-daughter duo to sit together through the makeup and trial session.

So don’t you think that it is a rather beautiful move adopted by The American Girl Catalog?