The Average Size Of American Women Has Increased. Can You Guess What It Is Now?

Retailers need to adapt to the new size to be able to satisfy the customers better.


Now, it’s the retailers turn to change in accordance with the new revelation. They need to bring about a change in their designing as well as selling skills to be in sync with the contemporary needs. Researchers are of the view that this newfound information should prove to be inspiring for the fashion industry and for women in general, many of which have compared themselves to this false and misleading information for years.

Women find shopping frustrating as they have to struggle to find a clothing which fits well both in style and measurements.


Despite the findings, some retailers do not find it to be a wise decision if they stock up their stores with plus- size pieces of clothing. They still need to understand that those with larger sizes are not fleeing away; even their needs should be well recognized. As most haven’t really caught up with the evolution of the women’s bodies in America and beyond, for the “average woman,” it can be a struggle to shop for clothes. They should act courageous enough to be able to accept the truth and if they are not able adapt to the new changes they are themselves responsible for the loss.


Hopefully, fashion will take this on serious note, so that they are able to cater the needs of the larger women in larger number and it does not remains a heavy moment for them to experience.

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