The Court Of Law Dismisses Man’s Plea To Punish His Farting Boss

A Melbourne based construction engineer, David Hingst was all over the news for filing a lawsuit against his boss who kept farting around or on him. However, Greg Short was excused as the judge did not see this as a sign of harassment. The 56-year-old Hingst then took the case to a higher court requesting compensation of 1.8 million Australian dollars. Sadly, his demand was nullified again.

According to the court of appeal in Victoria, Australia, even if Hingst’s allegations were all true yet it cannot be ensured if this was a case of bullying or whether it had affected him or not.

In an interview post his hearing, he mentioned that as he sat in a room with a small or no window with his face towards the work station, his boss would come right behind him and then ease himself off by farting. This would happen five to six times a day regularly and at times Greg would also thrust his butt onto Hingst.

After tolerating this for a good amount of time, David began spraying ‘Mr. Stinky’ with deodorants. But David’s kindness was rewarded with verbal and gestural abuses by his manager. Tired he even left his earlier job and moved to a new private location but Short had no mercy. He shamelessly reached his new office several times a day to break the winds.

On the other hand, Short declines all such claims saying it might have happened once or twice but was purely unintended and with zero intentions to cause such pressure to someone. Hingst is dissatisfied with Justice Philip Priest’s sentence and intends to take the matter to a higher court.

To be honest, we have no clue what’s going to come out of it. But we’re sure of one thing that this is a hilariously unique and one of a kind case.