The Dog Ripped Apart Neighbor’s Private Parcel, The Revelation Of Its Contents Has Left The Couple Horrified

Private parcels are meant to be private but what if it gets delivered to a neighbor’s house? And maybe our neighbors also know what private parcels mean but do dogs understand that term? So, this one dog didn’t know that and he ended up ripping the parcel and reveal the small package.

Lee Edwards and his partner Jenna Crozier, resident of Wigan, Greater Manchester, had taken a parcel in for their neighbor who wasn’t present at home at that point because that is what good neighbors do, right? They had kept it behind the door safely. When they walked down the stairs, they found out their Labrador puppy, Bonnie, playing with a bright pink self-pleasuring toy, which was the content of the discrete package.

Jenna said, “The postman delivered it here and I’d hidden it behind the door and thought nothing of it. When I saw what it was I thought it was so funny – of all the parcels she could have got hold of it had to be the most secret thing you could have.

Bonnie had it in her gob and was walking around with it. She played with it for about an hour. It was a pink Ann Summers toy, it wasn’t a huge one just a standard size.

She’s chewed it up. It’s chewable and rubber like a toy. She looked so proud of herself. She came over like ‘are you going to throw it for me? We call her demolition dog.”

Lee said that at first he initially thought it was one of his training tools as they do have similar toys. Later his thought process made him think that his partner had bought the sex toy and was wondering why she had. He left the scene like it was a crime scenario and it was somehow funny.

The dog was loving her new toy but the problem was that the package was reduced down to a shredded piece of cardboard and paper. Jenna saw the dog surrounded by bits and pieces, wagging her tail. She took the item and put it in a bag and the neighbor was slightly embarrassed when she came to pick up her package later that evening.

Dogs can create a mess but don’t we all love dogs? No matter how embarrassing situations they create.