The History Behind The Origin Of The Name Hot Dog Revealed!

We are all often quite inquisitive about naming history of various things, animals, places, and food. For some of these, there may be a genuine history behind the naming of that thing or place. But for most of your inquisitiveness, you may not get a genuine answer to cool down your curiosity. One such food item is a ‘HOT DOG’.
Yes, a simple hot dog that we have all eaten since we started shunning healthy home-made food and eating the greasy unhealthy fast food with our friends. Fast food, of course, is a part of most people’s growing up. When you first heard the name ‘hot dog’, it must have rung a bell in your head. And why not, a name such as ‘hot dog’ should ring a bell.

hot dog
Hot dog is a favourite food of about half of america

You must have tried finding out from someone or the other why it is called so. But I am sure nobody would have given you a satisfactory explanation, an explanation that is gullible.
However, we have figured out the origin of this irresistible food item for you. The history dates back to more than a century ago when a cartoonist named T.A. Dorgan (short form TAD) drew a famous cartoon, and the rest is history.
So, the legend goes like this: At a baseball game at Polo Grounds in New York, United States, in 1901, TAD could hear loud yelling in his press box from vendors at food stalls saying, ‘Get your dachshund sausages while they are red hot!’
The Polo Grounds at New York
The Polo Grounds at New York

The next day, TAD drew a cartoon depicting the scene at the Polo Grounds with vendors yelling the same. However, he could not spell the word ‘dachshund’. So instead of writing what they were saying, he just wrote ‘hot dogs’ instead of dachshund sausages. Since that day, these sausage filled ecstasy food is known as a hot dog.
hot dog
How a dachshund sausage would look like if Tad had his way

Now you know why the ‘hot dogs’ were named so. So the next time anyone asks you this question, you do not have to hide your face cutting a sorry figure that you know not.
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