The Oldest Working Fridge In the UK Deserves A Service Medal

Family heirlooms are more than just valuable antiques. They provide a sense of family history as they are passed down from one generation to the next. Understanding a family heirloom helps one to make sure how to preserve those treasures and ensure that the next generation appreciates its value. In today’s world where everything obtained has a shorter life span, a family heirloom can prove to be a significant asset! On the same lines, an anonymous couple used their possession as a family heirloom to be passed down generations.

Back in 1949, an unnamed couple bought a 1930’s Electrolux fridge. They owned the oldest working fridge till date. Since its production, it had been in use for more than 80 years. As a family heirloom, they decided to pass it on to their daughter and son-in-law. Robert, their son-in-law, was 81 years old retired railway worker. He said that the refrigerator was around 2ft wide and 3ft tall. It was working well in the couple’s garage! Robert described the fridge as an old workhorse that definitely deserved a long service medal.

Robert’s wife’s parents had bought the fridge in 1949 – a time when owning a refrigerator was a big thing. His wife’s parents were known to be ‘the people with the fridge’ as owning one was quite unusual. The robust appliance was owned by the anonymous couple in their 70s from Stonehouse. Locals used to give compliment to their possession as the fridge had ultra-low carbon footprint. Robert and his wife adopted that fridge and took it with them to Sussex, where they lived for 40 years, before returning to Gloucestershire in 2006.

Robert and his wife were quite happy to be the fridge’s guardians for the coming years as it was doing a commendable job! The couple used the fridge during Christmas as they needed extra storage and also for storing apples in summer. That vintage appliance was functioning very well for them! Moreover, they had an option to depend on their ancient Electrolux when their modern fridge and freezer got damaged due to a heat wave. When a Local fridge salesman, Jonathan Kerry, came to install a replaced fridge-freezer, he was amazed to find the old fridge working so efficiently. He found it like it was the Tutankhamun!

People were completely obsessed by that fridge. One claimed that such electronic items weren’t even produced these days. Another added saying that it was a beauty and it should never be discarded off. Robert expressed that considering the fridge to be a family heirloom he would hopefully pass it on! It was also discovered that Robert’s wife’s parents were to be the ones dethroning Prince Charles (as the owner of Britain’s oldest working fridge) as it was later revealed that their appliance was even more than 15 years older!