The Road Was Tough For The Longest Linked “Married At First Sight” Couple

Doug a 36-year-old software engineer who is elated on reaching this milestone credits a good communication pattern as a messiah for their relationship but the things have not always been picture perfect. While Doug was ready to spend his entire life with the gorgeous woman that walked towards him at the altar, but Jamie a 32-year-old registered nurse and ex contestant of “The Bachelor” (2012) on the other hand was nervous and suffered a panic attack.

She wanted fireworks, butterflies and fairy tales but reality was far from her thoughts which made her unattached to the groom. She feared things might not work out and collapsed in tears post the ceremony. It took hours of pep talk from the producer and the bridesmaids that she began to try and see the good side of him.

Their real chemistry began to develop off- camera, when they both spent the night talking to each other. Jamie learnt that her husband was a patient fellow who never made her feel belittled for not being attracted to him on the first go.

It was on the flight to their honeymoon, when Doug decided to show his hotter side. Despite their increasing attraction they mutually decided not to consummate their marriage until two months of wedding, which increased their reciprocal respect.

In the year 2015, while Doug was temporarily unemployed, Jamie got pregnant with their first child, who, however did not survive the gestation period. The couple thanks therapists who they constantly had on their speed dial until their daughter Henley Grace was born in August 2017.

Their marriage was at once again at stake because of the grand expectations Jamie had for her post partum days, she again wanted fireworks. She felt their daughter did not resemble anyone of them, Doug however, had not created any picture and so was the calmer one.

According to Doug sharing the responsibility of child as parents has strengthened their bond; they have together launched a podcast named ‘Hot Marriage, Cool Parents where they give relationship advice. Doug’s biggest suggestion is for couples to be vocal about their emotions; he suggests honesty as the key to successful courtship. And though they are not experts on the subject matter yet their experiences are worth gaining knowledge from.