The Student Who Auctioned Her Virginity To A Banker Found Her Soul Mate In Him

A girl always dreams of coming across her Prince Charming. No wonder it could be someone who is already a part of her life but were oblivious to the fact. On the other hand, men are generally impatient and give up very soon.


 The love-life of Jasmine, a 20-year-old French student from Paris, testifies the statement, “Pairs are made in heaven,” as she found her soul mate in a very unusual manner (which no one could even think of).

Her decision to sell herself proved to be a blessing in disguise for her. Through an online website Cinderella Escorts, she auctioned her virginity to a banker for millions, only to fell in love with him.


It was revealed by a spokesperson for the businessperson that he succeeded by defeating a real estate Munich and Los Angeles DJ as he managed to offer $1,400,000.

Jasmine further shares that it was just an effort to be able to start her own business as well as tour the world, at least once. It’s not that she is herself interested in it; rather she always wanted to save herself from the marriage by virtue of being socialized in a traditional religious family. She elaborated, “Most people would exchange a million for their first time if they could turn back time.”



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