The Student Who Auctioned Her Virginity To A Banker Found Her Soul Mate In Him

“I am happy that I sold my virginity and I met the client already. I was a bit nervous, to be honest, but finally, I really liked him. He was a real gentleman and looked after me well.”

“I don’t want to go into details but what I can say is that we are going to date each other again,” she added.

“It is too early to talk about love yet. We like each other, and we’ll see what will happen in the future. I am happy that I was lucky with the man who bought my virginity. He is smart, successful and I like older men. Maybe we will travel the world together.”


It’s quite surprising that her family and friends stood by her decision though they could have reacted differently. This surely tells us about their open-minded nature as well as the amount of care out shown by them for the teen girl. The infamous website is of the view that it has ‘sold ‘a number of virgins to clients including some of the A-list Hollywood celebrities.

An Abu Dhabi businessperson offered the highest price to the agency for an American woman who is listed on the site. The website specifies the amount to be $30, 25,000.


A spokesperson for the escort service said, “As part of the process a medical examination is carried out to ensure the woman is a virgin and STI free, a further one can be requested by the bidder…  Of course, by selling a lot of virginity bad experiences can also happen. We cannot look into the brains of women when they apply. But we can have a high-security system to discover all fakes before they sell it [sic].”




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