The Woman With Second Longest Pair Of Legs Is 6ft 9Inches Tall

Rentsenkhorloo Bud, a 29-year-old model has the world’s second-longest legs. Her legs measure 52.8 inches when measured from hip to heel. She is originally from Mongolia coming from a tall family with almost everyone touching 6ft. She surely inherited tall genes from her dad who is 6ft 10inches and mother who is 6ft 1 inch. Currently, she is living in Chicago, United States.

The model recalled her journey is not that easy as it looks. She was bullied throughout her school. She went through a great deal of bullying as a youngster, and was in constant doubt of her height but now is in love with her height and legs. She loves being ‘tall’ and ‘beautiful’ at the same time. She has embraced her height.

In an interview she shared, “When I was younger, I felt so bad because of my height. Some people made me feel uncomfortable, but nowadays it seems like I’m seen more as unique, so that’s why I feel so good. In the last 15 years, I started to like my height and I’m really comfortable with my body and also long legs.”

Rentsenkhorloo continued: “Many people asked me: ‘are you a model?’ so I feel great when they ask me that. I do modelling part time, and I just started to work with one brand, which is leggings for tall girls. Being tall is beautiful, and you can look so unique from other people.”

But that uniqueness came with many obstacles in life. When she was a teenager she had problems finding clothes and footwear for herself. Sometimes she was also too tall for the doorways. She shared, “The doorways are so short for me. I hate to hit my head on doorways! Finding clothes is really challenging. My shoe size is US 13 and you can’t find any shoes in Asia and even in Mongolia and Korea.”

She further added, “I tried to go shopping in the United States a few times when I came here, but I couldn’t find any clothes. I just try to buy some clothes online. Even when I was in the first grade, I was the same height as my teacher – 168cm. I was a little girl and I wanted cute clothes, but you can’t find any cute clothes in this age, in this size.”

Her journey tells that everyone has to undergo various things to succeed in life but the most important journey is the journey of self-love and embracing your uniqueness. The model shares that now she can’t imagine a life where she is not tall. She shared, “I live with my long legs, and my tall height my entire life. So, I think it’s just a normal thing for me.” The woman with the longest legs is Maci Curran, a teenager from Austin, Texas with her legs measuring 53 inches.