These Compelling Reasons Will Inhibit You From Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken the entire world by a rage. People from all round the globe have been consumed in the insanity of catching Pokemon wherever they go, using augmented reality. No doubt, this Nintendo game has topped the charts of “Top Grossing Apps,” for whosoever downloads the game is getting addicted to it.
No matter how fun this game seems to be, it sure has its downsides ass well. Where the world is enjoying on their phones, some people have fallen prey to many mishaps, all because of this game. While playing, they get so engrossed in the game that they forget about their surroundings and what is happening around them. They have become so careless that the game is also facing major threats of it getting banned soon.


Here are few disadvantages of Pokemon Go that will inhibit you from installing it in your phones, if you haven’t done it yet.

1. It consumes extreme battery power

If you have the game in your phone then it will drain your battery at a faster rate. This is because it uses multiple functions available in your phone which demands higher battery level. If you are an intensive player, then we suggest that you should carry a power bank with you at all times.


2. Addictive

You simply can’t deny that it is an extremely addictive game if you have ever played Pokemon Go. Most of the people that you may come across the streets may turn out to be Pokemon Trainor. It is anticipated that the game would surpass the 7 million gamers already registered by another Nianic game called Ingress.


3. Loss of focus

Pokemon Go is such an addictive game that it will make you lose your focus from most of the things. You might just get too excited when you see a rare Pokemon that you lose your attention from what were supposed to do. It can even affect work, especially if you see Pokemon that you badly needed.


4. Safety concerns

Where on one hand, playing Pokemon Go is quite enthralling, it can also prove to be life threatening.
“During its release date in July 6 it was reported that someone stumbled a dead body floating in a river while multiple people also suffered from minor injuries while playing the game.”


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