These Newborns Hugging Each Other During Their Bath Will Melt Your Hearts

Blessed are all those people who have a sibling to play with, to take care of them, to scold them or to share with the precious life moments. But those who have a twin are even more blessed. Having a twin is nothing but having just another version of you and mind you, such siblings share the deepest bond like no other. Recently, a woman uploaded a video on Youtube that shows newborn twins hugging each other during a bath.
The video shows the two newborns being given a bath by a French midwife. The lady who is promoting her baby spa gives them the first bath of their lives. She feels certain that there will be a surge in the number of her clients as the video has gone viral on the internet. Even though the footage has been highly appreciated, it is advised that parents should not try this technique at home.
The video ascertains that a bond between twins is like no other and begins right at birth. It is evident that no matter what life has to offer these siblings, they will stick to each other through every thick and thin.
This YouTube footage has become an explosive hit on the internet as it has received over 9 million views from its followers, from the time it was uploaded (10 days ago). The two brothers who can barely open their eyes can be seen embracing each other. You will have to see it to believe it and it is guaranteed that it will warm up the cockles of your heart.
Watch the VIDEO below to see what happens.

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