Thief Accidently Informs The Victim Of His Master Plan On Facebook

Gregor then received a message from a purchaser asking whether it was still for sale or not. Gregor replied and asked the man if he was interested to purchase it. The buyer disclosed that he lived in East Kilbride. Gregor warmly offered him a discount of five dollar if the buyer could come and fetch the golf putter by himself.

However, this conversation took a new and astounding turn with the next message that was written phonetically to represent the local dialect. The message described that the man was plotting against Ford to rob him along with his friends.


Surprisingly, the said message was not for Gregor but it proved to be quite disturbing and alarming. The man, then tried to cover himself by providing with an excuse that the message was not for Gregor but for his buddy and continued to ask about Gregor’s address.

Thankfully, Gregor was quite sagacious by not selling the golf putter to this man. Instead, he took a screenshot and posted it on twitter for everyone else’s amusement. He captioned the picture by telling everyone that he will never sell golf club on Face book to someone from East Killbride and remarked it as ‘Lesson Learned’.

The tweets went viral and got flooded with 27,000 likes a day and 15000 shares. We hope that you never find such people to sell your golf putter to, or even worse, your property!