This 89-Year-Old Man Is On One Man Protest After He Was Denied Entry In The Care Home To Meet His Wife

Where rights exist, protests do occur and the extent of these protests varies. In this one particular incident, the right involved was to be able to meet a family member in a care home leading to a one-man protest by Dennis Daniels, 89, outside that nursing home.

Having spent 70 years with his wife Dorine who now lives in Anchorage Care Home in Grimsby, Dennis Daniels was denied meeting her as the manager found him creating chaos by being too loud.

Dorine is a resident at that enhanced dementia care home and Mr. Daniels visits her on a regular basis. But recently, he had been experiencing some issues revolving around the management of the care home.

He justified his shouting in there by telling that he was calling out for help as a fellow resident came outside Dorine’s room and started screaming. It was shocking for him as he had always been all praise for Anchorage Care Home and appreciated the amazing job done by the staff. He was happy to see his wife being in a comfortable place.

Mr. Daniels was disappointed by this occurrence on receiving no response when he asked for help, in fact, he was told to leave the premises of the care home immediately and was “banned” from seeing his wife as per his statement.

This infuriated Mr. Daniels and he decided to take some action against the authorities as no one can deny him the right to meet his wife. The way he chose to show his disappointment was by protesting silently outside the nursing home.

For making this happen, he sat on his wheelchair placed right in front of the care home with a signboard in his hand expressing his issues and hoping for some help.

The concerned authorities were noticing everything and issued their statement regarding this whole situation and not disrespecting any individual involved. They are hoping to resolve the matter as soon as possible and coming to a solution that favors everyone.

Mr. Daniels loves his wife and wants to see her every day which led to him following the path of picketing. Whether his actions are justified or not, peaceful way out is desired in such circumstances!