This 95-Year-Old Granny Is Posing In Outlandish Outfits And Nailing The Fashion Game

The world of fashion is expanding in all ways. There are no barriers to size, age or anything else. This 95-year-old lady Ernestine "Ernie" Stollberg has proved that fashion is for everyone by stepping into this world and gaining all the appreciation for her style.

If you are not sure about pulling off an outfit or describing it as “age-inappropriate”, then you need to take inspiration from this granny who is 95 and ruling the fashion industry!

Ernie has become a style icon and popular brands are looking to collaborate with her. She rose to fame after she posed for the promotion of a concept store in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

She has come a long way from there with a feature in Vogue! This former revue dancer is taking over the fashion world.

Her social media is loaded with some stunning pictures. Her hometown recognizes her for carrying the avant-garde Park label.

Ernie’s pictures are eccentric and all her pictures have a highlighting element to make them extraordinary! Who else can look so stylish while covered with a bunch of handbags? Ernie nailed the look!

She entered that Park store with an ordinary life and came out as a fashion icon. Ernie had always been inclined towards posing in front of the camera. Markus Strasser and Helmut Ruthner, the shop owners noticed this inclination and put her on the road to fame.

The unconventional outfits worn by her for the photoshoots are not something she would prefer wearing outside. According to her, “I would not wear that on the street”.

Her followers love her style and she is definitely inspiring all to take wear that risky outfit and flaunt it with confidence!