This Award-Winning Invention Puts An End To “Manspreading”

When the mind is innovative, it can lead to some really amazing creations. You just need to be talented enough to know what would work according to the present scenario and you are on the right path. The 23-year-old Laila Laurel created an incredible piece of furniture that gained a lot of attention and she got honored with some awards too.

There are many inventions that have proved to be really helpful for people around the world. A few stand out because of the thought that inspired them. This is the case of an anti-manspread chair designed by a 23-year-old student Laila Laurel.

The chair is specifically made to put an end to “manspreading”. The design is worked out in accordance with the motive. This young graduate in 3D Design and Craft wanted to stop ‘manspreading’ and hence, came up with this chair.

In case you have been living under a rock, “manspreading” is referred to the practice of men sitting with their legs wide apart in public places and taking space for more than one person. This topic became quite serious at one point and something needed to be done to get the “conquered” space back!

Laurel from Norwich finally had a great plan to make this practice go away. When she launched that chair, it received a lot of appreciation. She had some weird experiences with ‘manspreading’ and that what urged her to design such a piece. Two pieces of wood placed in a very calculative way to complete the invention. The positioning is genius just as the idea is!

Laurel, a graduate from the University of Brighton and revealed her inspiration behind this. She said that men invading her space in public areas became intolerable. Finally, when she learned about a few projects that encourage women to come forward and share their experiences around such discrimination, she decided to put her skills to work.

She added, “With my chair set I hoped to draw awareness to the act of sitting for men and women and inspire discussion around this.”

Her designed chair was approved with amazing comments. Soon, her creation became an award-winning one as she got honored with the Belmond Award for emerging talent. The judges described the chair as a creation that fits in well to deal with the existing issues.


This prestigious award is meant for ‘imaginative and cleverly presented ideas with a considered overall look and feel along with the quality of work displayed’.

This talented woman was ecstatic and said, “I am completely shocked but very happy and honoured to have won the Belmond Award – and I am looking forward to designing with them this year.”

A senior architecture and design lecturer Dr. Eddy Elton said that the entire staff and students put in many efforts to make this a successful invention. He further expressed, “Winning the award at such a prestigious event, which is recognised by the professional design community, was an amazing achievement for our students and university.” This makes him proud!

If you think Laurel stopped at this one, then you are very wrong. She went ahead to make another chair for women that allows them to “spread” a little.