This Bride Ditches The Flowers And Holds Adorable Puppies For Her Fun-Filled Wedding Pictures!!!

A wedding is not an easy occasion to plan for. It is a day that will be cherished lifelong not only by the bride and the groom but also by the ones in attendance. As it marks the beginning of a new chapter in the book of their lives, people put their heart and soul into making this beginning the most beautiful and memorable one. Everything has to be perfect, the venue, the flowers, the dress, the food and the photographer. But a couple had one additional thing on their checklist to be arranged and that was sweet little puppies.

Sarah Mallouk, who works at the Pitties Love Peace rescue in Pennsylvania, married the love of her life and an avid animal lover, Matt Crain, on September 10, 2016.

The ceremony was beautiful and it was made more beautiful when the dog-loving bride swapped out the bouquets for adorable puppies in her wedding photos. With three rescue dogs of their own and frequent foster pups passing through their lives on the way to forever homes, it didn’t come as a surprise that when it came to their wedding day, they wanted to ensure their love for the animals would play a role.

Caroline Logan Photography

This affection for pooches gave Sarah a bright idea.

She brought down a group of adoptable puppies from her workplace. She had her bridesmaids and Matt’s groomsmen pose with pooches. Though the cute little pups weren’t a part of the ceremony, they were involved in their portrait time.

Caroline Logan Photography

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