This Bridezilla Is Furious Because Her Cancer-Stricken Maid Of Honor Was “Inactive” In Her Celebrations

Wedding preparations are stressful. But you know what’s even more challenging? It’s going through chemotherapy because when it comes to cancer, nothing is easy. We understand this and we know you do too. But this bride was so lost in her wedding preparations that she started complaining about her cancer-stricken maid of honor and ignored all the pain she is enduring.

There are so many things that a bride imagines for her wedding day and she wants everything from decorations to food, to be perfectly managed. The bridesmaids are on full duty. The maid of honor has the responsibility of selecting the dress for the bride.

Amidst all these preparations, there is joy and positivity in the air for everyone involved. But it doesn’t take long for this joy to vanish if the brides let all this get to their heads.

That’s what happened with this bride who was so “stressed” with the things-to-do list. She asked her maid of honor, who has cancer, to quit her bridal party. The reason is even more awful than the action. It was because she was not being fully involved in her “celebrations”.

Don’t think that the bride was unaware of the suffering of maid of honor, she was well aware of everything! It’s hard to imagine why anyone would even think of doing that.

The bridezilla posted her rant on Facebook and of course, it went viral. She went on and on in that post complaining about her “good friend” and even saying that she knows about her condition but cannot handle her being inactive in her wedding festivities and preparations. She was seeking advice on this whole situation and people did give some good advice.

People were enraged and at the same time could not absorb the fact that the bride was being so ignorant of her friend. One even questioned her if she has taken out time from her “busy” schedule to just check in on her. They weren’t sure if the bride even understands the pain one has to go through during chemo. Cancer makes a person so weak and then chemo changes your body entirely, mentally and physically.

We hope the bride got the “advice” she needed and would definitely reconsider her idea of firing her cancer-stricken maid of honor. Sometimes, we all need a lesson to become a better person than we already are!