This Charming Fashion Blogger Can Be The World’s Youngest Granny

Zaklina is the pin- up girl we are talking about. With her unique and fascinating fashion sense she amazes everyone around. Her age is 47 years. But she looks half her age due to her classy fashion perception. Though she is a granny of two kids but it doesn't seem like that. She is a fashion blogger and has keen interest in it. Apart from this she likes to hang out with her daughter. She is a social media luminary. Can she be the most elegant youngest grandmother?

This forty seven year old lady posts some stunning pictures on social media of herself in various attires and rules social media. She has some 157,000 followers who rate her costumes on social media. She has ardent desire for fashion and people are awestruck by her looks. She said that she takes in her fashion sense from numerous countries. They are from Switzerland, France and Poland. She chose these fashion tricks when she lived there. She originally hails from Serbia. At present she lives in Italy, one of the fashion pivots in Europe. She looks like a supermodel and has been given the tag of ‘real fashionist’ on the social media.

Zaklina is the grandma of two young children. She defines the statement, “Age is just a number.” Being a granny and 47 doesn’t stop her from going after what she likes and following her dreams. She often keeps on posting pictures of herself on social networking sites and in all kinds of dresses. She also flaunts her fancy accessories like watch, glasses etc. People around are all astonished and inspired by this fashion blogger. This glamorous granny impresses the world after becoming a social media sensation.

Could she possibly be the world’s youngest, most beautiful grandmother? Her well built figure and graceful style makes other fashion bloggers jealous of her. The fashion bloggers who are junior to her in age by decades hold a feeling of resentment towards her. She nailed it. She posts her pictures with the hashtag,’ Grandmother that loves fashion.’ Her 157,000 followers are elated by her fashion sense and fancy looks.

She claims that her main objective behind this is to persuade and encourage women to rise to their wild side. This fashion diva has a 28 year old daughter. Zaklina loves to hang out with her daughter, apart from fashion blogging. As per her social media account she also had a son named Stephan. He was run over in Belgrade, Serbia and passed away on the Christmas Eve the last year. She calls her son a angel and misses him.

In his memory, she includes the hashtag, ‘Remember Stephan’ on every picture posted online. Her prudent desire for fashion keeps her followers delighted. This super fashion model keeps the world in awe of her, and continues to inspire women and lives her life by following her passion.