This Couple Took Wedding Photos In The Costco Aisle Where They First Met

Jessica and Brandon Brown, a couple, had an amazing photo shoot in mac-and-cheese alley of Costco. They wanted to capture their commencement with mind blowing photo shoots. The couple mentioned that they did this photo shoot to celebrate their relationship and how they confronted. According to them, these photographs seize the story of their relationship which was shot by Lisa Rose Photography HI. The pictures display their jaunty, jolly and lively natures.

Not only this, the pair even model around their favorite store which is in Waipahu, Hawaii. The bride also spoke about how playful and exuberant couple they are which contributes towards the victory of their relationship. Jessica considered Brandon as his best friend and they are always up for knavery.

It all started when Jessica was strolling around Costco with her bunkmate. After sighting the mac and cheese, she paused to record a Instagram story sharing her hankering for mac and cheese that whether she should buy it or not.

Unexpectedly, she had an in-person audience. After contemplating her video, Brandon approached her stating, “It is good for you. It is cheese and – it is Costco.” It was then that Jessica gave him a look. Jessica mentioned, “He basically encouraged me to get it and I laughed”

Nothing says love quite like mac and cheese. For Jessica and Brandon, it brought them together.The now-married couple…

Posted by Costco on Friday, July 12, 2019

In a moment they interchanged the numbers. Subsequently, they dated after three months in a local restaurant. There, they got along talking and watching various sports on the restaurant’s television. Gradually, things got heated and they started spending their mornings, and shopping times at Costco. They wanted to grab hold of pizza, but couldn’t resist mac and cheese which caught hold of them.

Jessica took out her phone, took a photograph of Brandon captioning it “Sometimes I take him back to where it all started so he know I can return him if he acts up.” However, she was not aware of Brandon who will be throwing her a surprise by proposing her that night. A month after that they got married.

Jessica mentions, “We didn’t really think we were going to do it, and we did.” She also told that as they got to the alley, there were different employees congratulating them. Many customers were shopping, laughing and taking pictures. Everyone was lovely, Jessica told.

Now, the pair spends their “Sunday Funday” by shopping grocery at Costco and going home to preparing their meals. Congratulations to Jessica and Brandon. We wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness, and hope that you too find love on the same lines.