This Desperate MIL Wanted To Become A Grandmother And She Started Poking Holes In Her Son’s Contraceptive Weapon

We all know what is the purpose of marriage according to our parents, don’t we? It’s the babies they want. However, this mom invaded all the personal space of his son to get his son pregnant and she is successful.

The desperation of having a grandchild made this mother in law go to the next level by getting to their condoms and tampering them for the sake of getting a baby to play with. It was a horrific experience when a woman walked on her mother in law when she was tampering her contraception.

Being in the late 20s, not everyone wants to conceive and get more responsibilities over their shoulders. Similar was the choice of this woman who came to Reddit to explain her situation. Some people have ended up calling the couple selfish but some also are convinced as it is a personal choice.

The worst reaction to the situation came from her mother in law, who said that the bloodline will die with him and she wants to ensure that doesn’t happen.

When the couple declared about how they wish to not increase family as of then, the mother was nervous and her desperation made her do the unforgivable.

She came over to their place on one of the weeknights and offered to cook for the couple. She sent her son out to buy some ingredients that she had apparently “forgotten”.

The daughter-in-law came home from work and the husband was still out, trying to buy the ingredient for their awaited dinner.

She went to her bedroom to change and what she saw made her dumbstruck. She wrote: “When I opened the door into our bedroom what I see is what looks like MIL carefully trying to poke holes into our contraceptions. She snaps her head in my direction with this mortifying deer in the headlights look on her face. Like a fish out of water. She mumbles something about how she’s ‘trying to save the family’ and frantically runs out of the house before I even have a chance to say anything.”

When the husband came back, the wife gave him the insight into the horrific sight and he was nothing less than “horrified”. Just to add to this one time, MIL revealed that she was at their place three weeks back as well to do the same.

The online audience had amazing reactions to the story. All of them asked to get a pregnancy test done. It turns out that the couple is expecting a baby. However, it is too late no and they are now pregnant with their first baby.

One of the commenters even said, “That is assault at best. It’s a completely abusive behavior. It’s horrific.”

People have asked them to get rid of all the contraceptions and they urge them to contact their mother as she had no right to invade their bedroom life.