This dog’s reaction to being petted for the first time will shock you!!

Dog is a man’s best friend, a quote we have all read or heard since our childhood. But has man been the same for his supposed best friend? Dog abuse is more common than you think. How cruelly we treat our canine buddies can be seen in this shocking video!

When this abused dog was rescued and stroked for the first time, his reaction made us all wonder how badly he must have been treated to have caused this.

When first petted by the rescuer, the dog shrieks and screams and cringes as though being subjected to another beating; something which he had grown used to since his puppy-hood.

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

As the dog realizes the tenderness and affection in the touch, he slowly begins to calm down and enjoy the human touch, a concept which was alien to him until now…

calm dog

Soon the care and love bore its fruit and now he is a happy dog, playing in the yards, slowly forgetting the trauma it has been through! STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!!

playful dog

Click to see how the poor dog is terrified..