This "Gangster Grandma" And Her 24-Year-Old Grandson Have The Best Relationship!

While most kids generally prefer to stay away from their grandparents, there are some who make an effort to get to know them and value their expansive ocean of knowledge and life lessons they have gathered over the years. Now, they might have stories to tell and experiences to share, but some grandparents choose to act unlike the way those cliched boundaries of relationship the society has been witnessing between the young and the old. They choose to take the path not much traveled by people their age and befriend their grandkids. That’s probably the reason why Ross Smith, a 24-year-old lad and a basketball player, prefers to hang out with his 90-year-old ‘Granny Smith’ over people his age.

And honestly, we are glad because the outcome of their partnership is downright hilarious and even adorable.

It all started four years ago when Ross shared a hilarious clip featuring his granny Pauline Kana which went viral, spreading quickly through the Vine community and eventually ending up on reputed T.V channels like ESPN and Deadspin. Seeing how endeared the audience was to their interactions, Smith decided to continue making videos with her and their audience continued to balloon.


Since then, Ohio-based duo has continued to make videos capturing their hysterical antics. They’ve now gained more than 5 million followers on their social channels, and one of their most watched videos to date has more than 87 million views.

Their video ventures are now a full-time job for Ross and a new hobby for Pauline. “I do it because I’m with my grandson, and this is a new chapter in my life, and it’s a lot of fun,” says a delighted Pauline. While most of their videos show the pair hanging out around the house and their local neighborhood, more recently, the two have been invited to go to movie premieres, travel to cities around the country and even work with celebrities like Olympian Shawn Johnson and actor Verne Troyer.

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