This "Gangster Grandma" And Her 24-Year-Old Grandson Have The Best Relationship!

 What catches everybody’s attention is that Ross is 24 and Pauline is 90. Yet together, they add up to a social media sensation.

Ross Smith’s page just crossed two million followers, half of which he said came in the past month. According to him, “I like putting Granny in non-Granny situations.”

The grandson from Galena and the grandmother from Youngstown are now getting attention from news outlets around the world.

“A lot of things on the Internet are negative, nowadays,” he says, “I think a lot of people use us as [an escape] to get away from all the negativity.” Some videos include Granny visiting a pet store, opening her Christmas presents and dancing in his kitchen, but her favorite videos are the clips where she mimics playing the saxophone.

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