This Girl Tried To Sneak Her Puppy In A Nightclub On New Year’s Eve

We bet no one can control themselves from falling in love with a dog as soon as they stare right into its selfless and pious eyes. Dog experts say that when their ‘Hooman’ is sad they would comfort them, also every time a dog brings his butt close to you and expects you to pat it, it means they trust you because let’s face it, they are extremely tail and bum proud otherwise. It is all very cute but how far can this cuteness take you? This woman did something for her dog that left the internet with an “awww” face!

You know these days we see the internet flooded with the videos of these furries going on different kinds of adventures and partying like a boss? Yes, those videos that get more likes and loves than all our pictures combined-well that is probably because they deserve every bit of this attention and enjoyment.

And so to bring joy to her pup this one woman decided to sneak him into a night club that was all set to welcome 2017 but sadly the place that has subwoofers is not open to accepting pooches inside. The clubber attempted to hide the puppy inside her jacket but was caught during the security check-in the Spy Nightclub, Monaghan, Ireland. However, a photographer from Vibes Media, Diarmund McCleary was lucky enough to capture the entire bizarre yet cute scene onto his frame and by the time the woman was asked to leave, the internet was already flooded with shares of the cute story.


He revealed in an interview, “She tried very hard to pass through security but alas! Her dreams were broken. I do not know who she is but it was a sight to watch”. Even though the pup was not allowed inside the club, yet it had an amazing night being cuddled and petted, the pictures of which have been shared on the internet and have about 4.6k likes and loves. We hope someone opens up a pooch night club real soon but till then we’ll have to find more effective alternatives to smuggling them inside.