This Grandma And Grandson Duo Dress Up In Costumes To Click Viral Photos

It is true that the affection between grandparents and grandkids is timeless. This is one connection that only grows stronger by the minute. As one grows older their love for their grandparents grows for good, and today we bring to you the story of one such super duo, 27-year-old Ross Smith and his 93-year-old granny Pauline Kana, and if you think this gorgeous old woman just sits n a rocking chair in her lobby, knitting, you are mistaken big time. This duo is, in fact, breaking the village of the World Wide Web with their creative and cutely-dopey photos and videos together.


So what they do offbeat is dress up as different Disney characters for various occasions and re-enact the original scene with their own hilarious twist. One such post from Smith’s Instagram recently went viral.

Their unique idea dates back to some seven years ago whilst Smith was still a student at the Dayton University, Ohio. He then began posting his videos on various social media platforms in the form of raw homemade vines, and the very first which featured Granny K was one where she blocked Ross’s basketball shot.


And ever since then she has a super fan base and rest is a sensational history. In his 2018 interview with CNBC, Smith mentioned how he never expected his little idea to turn into such a huge plot. This inter-generational duo can often be seen in costumes ranging from your favorite animated characters to athletes.

Their recent photos and videos are from Super Bowl, where the exquisite granny can be seen doing some not so traditional grandma things- she is killing her sportsperson look. Not only this, but she is also super active in her social circles and always stays in front of cultural and heritage events.

This superwoman can pull off any costume and gig- from avengers to Carl. Additionally, her sense of humor has a separate group of lovers altogether. In her interview with the CNBC, Granny K mentioned that she is well aware of the fact that not many people her age were active on social media but she loved breaking the stereotype, especially the ones surrounding the elderly. And thanks to Smith, h found just the right platform to do so.

The woman now is no less than a local celebrity, who is loved and recognized by all in their town, from pizza places to filling stations people rush for her autograph, every single time she is seen in public. So what do you think about this super granny and grandson duo? Aren’t they absolutely adorable and give us all some major goals on how to live life to the fullest?