This Is How The Small Wonder Character Has Transformed Over The Years!

Wheels of time never stop turning, for we can’t get back the good times we’ve once had. It is just the memories that are left. Remember the show “Small Wonder”? Well who wouldn’t actually. We all were smitten to Vicki’s character played by Tiffany Brissette and have fond memories of the way she made us laugh hysterically. See how she has transformed over the years.

1. She was so expressive even with a stern face all the time.

It was a rare sight to see a smile on Vicki’s face. It was only when she opened her mouth to say something is when the shape of her lips’ curves changed. Even with that straight face throughout the show, she just swept us off our feet.

2. When we simply could not come to terms when she appeared as a normal human

We all just loved her character and how amazingly she pulled it off. It took us by surprise when she appeared anywhere on the show or off air as a normal human being. After all she was a robot!


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