This Lad Reached The Hospital In A Tuxedo For An Amazing Reason

“If you want to make a good first impression, smile at people. What does it cost to smile? Nothing. What does it cost not to smile? Everything, if not smiling prevents you from enchanting people”, said Guy Kawasaki an American marketer, author, and Silicon Valley capitalist who was once associated with the big shot brand- Apple. Through his experiences at the multinational technological giant Kawasaki learned how important first impressions were and with what most of us have seen or been through, we can only agree. But how much do these first impressions actually matter?

Everybody we come across is different and has a unique way of seeing things and people. However, a large section of society makes the first impression based on the looks of the person. A lot many people believe that appearances create the vibe of a person. It is natural for you to mistake a poorly dressed man for a criminal more than doubting a person in an expensive suit to be a misdemeanor.


And this is the exact logic why this little lad turned up to the hospital, dressed in the best way possible. No, it was not to woo a nurse as some people have joked but to welcome new addition to the family in the perfect way. This young man’s sister was about to deliver a baby girl and he wanted to lay the red carpet for her baby niece by wearing a tuxedo, after all, first impressions are everything. The baby obviously would not even take notice of it but the pains he took by spending all his savings on the perfect outfit for the special occasion is just priceless and commendable.


Their third sibling took to their social media account to post a picture of this adorable uncle to be patiently waiting for the baby to arrive. “He was the one most excited about being an uncle, right from the minute our sister’s pregnancy was announced he had been saving for this day. According to him, his niece should see him in the perfect look so that she knows what to expect from her guy when she grows up. This is both adorable and funny at the same time. We are certain she is going to adore him more than anyone of us because he has a way with kids”, they wrote.