This Lady Makes Her Clothes Out Of Wegmans Plastic Grocery Bags

Once upon the city of New York, a lady named Mrs. Rosa, aged 75, had turned a shopping essential into a style statement by knitting a suit made of 300-plus Wegmans plastic grocery bags. In an interview she revealed that she spun this dress for fun.

This unusual transformation of Wegmans shopping bag into a dress which created a fashion statement became viral in the month of August when Mrs. Ferrigno, who is a seamstress by profession and once worked at Hickey Freeman in Rochester, was at a family picnic where a guest was carrying a bag made from repurposed plastic bags.

This carry-on caught her attention, so she and her daughter, Fran Bertalli, took to YouTube to find instructions on how to construct one. Ferrigno then knitted a tote made from red, white and blue plastic JC Penney bags and a braided pattern purse from the brown and green Wegmans shopping bags. But then she thought that what good is a braided Wegmans handbag if she doesn’t have any matching clothes with it?

Ferrigno, who emigrated from Sicily at the age of 16 used to spends her summers gardening and for winters she decided that she would knit a suit to keep her busy through the winter months. But before she could even start, the first and the foremost thing that she needed was needles; big enough to work with plastic. They didn’t exist, so she sculpted her own handmade needles.

She then cut the bags into strips, tying them together to create a yarn-like material. After the suit was complete, she lined it with a fine brown cotton fabric. The design took about two months to finish. Ferrigno then unveiled her suit at a family member’s post-wedding brunch and the crowd got all dazed and amazed.

In an interview Bertalli, her daughter said that everyone went crazy on seeing her mother’s dress and as per a newspaper’s report the Wegmans too was impressed and Jo Natal, the supermarket chain’s vice president of media relations remarked, that they love it when their customers reuse or recycle their grocery bags, but they have never e seen a work of art like Rosa’s!