This Little Girl Mistaking A Bride For Her Favorite Princess On The Streets Of Seattle Will Melt Your Heart!

The pair spotted a bride leaving a church after getting married in the streets of Seattle.

Thanks to her glamorous bridal gown the newlywed was easily mistaken for fairy tale royalty by the child. Her priceless reaction was captured by the couple’s wedding photographer Stephanie Cristalli in the adorable snaps.


Much to the toddler and her mother’s joy, the bride was happy to go along with the story, spending several minutes chatting to her young ‘fan’.

In a heartwarming gesture, the bride even plucked a flower from her bouquet and presented it to the youngster. Later, she even picked up the little girl and the pair happily posed together for a picture-perfect photograph. It is unclear what book the little girl was referring to but she can be seen carrying a copy of The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins along as well.


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