This Man Drank Six Cans A Day Of Energy Drinks And It Made His Teeth Snap This Way

Energy drinks are known to make people survive a sleep deprived or a heavy working session. However, this man has a different story to tell which is bizarre as his front four teeth snapped after he consumed Monster Energy Drink, six cans each day.

Six cans in one day sounds like some serious consumption of caffeine. Vinnie Pyner, 21 year old lad from Margate, Kent, decided to depend on Monster Energy Drink to get through his college studies. So, that dependence actually became an obsession and he started consuming six cans each and every day for seven months.

He started getting them in his belly at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He has to say that he used to brush twice a day but then his teeth started to pain. He was okay until one day, he bit into an apple and four of his teeth snapped in a jiffy.


He then totally stopped consuming the drink but the loss was done and it was irreparable. His dentist told him that every tooth in his mouth had rotted and Vinnie now needs to get 24 fillings as well as dentures for his front teeth.

45 cans a week can definitely make your teeth weak to this extent. We hope he had gone through the chemical contents of it. He has stopped going to college as this has hit his confidence hard and he isn’t able to communicate with people confidently now.

It all started when he was in his second-year studying BTEC Computing and Coding at East Kent College, in September 2017. By October 2017, he was an addict and started consuming it regularly as t helped him concentrate well which is important when you are computing and coding. His mother had concerns with him being caffeinated all the time.

His daily complaints of aching tooth started concerning her but not the boy. He never mentioned the pain to anyone and just coped with it without getting it checked.

He believes that the drink has ruined his life and that he needs to get his confidence back to be back in life, attend college and get a job. Currently he can’t apply for jobs because his personality suffered due to his addiction.

All he has to say is that staying away from over consumption of energy drink can make you suffer through mess he is in today.