This Man Prepared A Prenuptial Agreement And Some Weird Clauses Created Confusion For The Fiancé

Marriage is one hell of a decision to take and for the same reason, couples are getting their prenuptial agreements to keep their assets on the safe side. Sometimes people include some strange points in such documents. A similar thing happened with this girl whose fiancé added some really weird clauses in their prenup.

A woman came for advice on Reddit and explained her situation. The prenup his future husband came up with had some questionable clauses and she wanted to know if she should go ahead with how it sounds.

She explained that her husband is a successful neurosurgeon and she wasn’t surprised to see that he had come up with the prenuptial agreement. However, some of the clauses made her think about his intentions.

Her fiancé’s father sat her down and broke it down for her. There were some questions in her mind which she wanted to clear before signing the agreement. The questionable points were:

• If she’d cheat on him, she walks away from the marriage without anything.

• Once she gives birth to a baby, she will have to lose any weight she gains afterward at least 30lbs in the first year, even if she had gained 25lbs during the pregnancy.

• For any child she haves for him, she gets compensation for each child that they have together.

So her concern here is that even if all of this is legal and if any of these are enforceable in court. She wants to take advice from someone experienced other than his father in law as he might be misleading her to benefit his son. She hadn’t signed it yet.

She said that she is all in for prenups but the one she was asked to sign was not acceptable.

People online had various problems with the kind of clauses that were in the agreement. People suggested her to get her own lawyer as the father in law cannot be representing both sides. Also, not having your representation might make it easy for them to be successful if the marriage sees its end at any point in time.

Also, one of the commenters said that prenups are for the security of both parties not just the rich ones in the matrimony.

Some people said that if he had his stipulations then she should have her counter clauses as well. What about his body weight? Men gain weight too, he needs to lose that as well. And he should be paying for your body maintenance.

He mentioned about pregnancy but what if one of you is infertile and what if the scenario included surrogacy.

Later in the thread, the woman explained that the baby-weight clause means that she must weigh herself pre-birth, peak-pregnancy, post-birth “and then an annual weigh-in to see if I have complied.”

She also clarified that according to the clause if she happened to gain 40 pounds during her pregnancy, “I’d have to lose at least 30 lbs. of it in the first year, then the rest [of the weight] the year following, unless I get pregnant again and then it’s gonna be added to the next childbirth weight.”

Once the pieces of advice came to an end, she decided to get her own representation. She also said that she will make the infidelity and weight loss clause go both ways. She further added that some of the clauses are too beneficial for just one party.

That’s not how prenups work, it is a two-way thing and one cannot decide to get all the benefits and make another one suffer in divorce.