This Man Tried To Teach A Lesson After His Neighbor Constantly Failed To Clean His Dog’s Turds From The Communal Lawn

When you live in a community, you will encounter all kinds of neighbors. Some will become your good friends, with some you might have an on and off relation while there can be a few neighbors who just test your patience level with everything they do. Mike Haddon had one such neighbor whose actions brought out another level of frustration in him.

A Mistake committed once can be forgiven and forgotten but when that mistake is repeated even after warning, then it becomes annoying. Mike Haddon had been enough forgiving to his neighbor who kept repeating the same action again and again. Mr. Haddon was infuriated when despite warnings, his neighbor left his dog’s poo in the communal lawn in Southampton, UK.

Firstly, according to Mr. Haddon, allowing the dog to crap in the communal lawn is unacceptable and then failing to pick up the turds is extremely disappointing and frustrating. When all the limits were crossed, he decided to take some action and give that man a taste of his own medicine.

Now, what that action was? We warn you here that this action was a result of intense frustration which the neighbor had raised in Mr. Haddon!

Mr. Haddon went to the communal garden and started making a video as he picked up four piles of dog’s excreta and made his way towards that annoying neighbor’s house. Now, what do you expect next? We think you are going in the right direction. He posted those piles of poo through the neighbor’s letterbox.

We can’t say if he went too far with the revenge or not, but all we can do is imagine being in Mr. Haddon’s shoes and then deciding what we would have felt. It’s easy but unfair to judge someone when we haven’t been in that situation. So, it’s better not to judge!

Mr. Haddon recorded the whole thing and many people saw it leading it straight to the council. One day later, Mr. Haddon got a letter from the council.

The letter was aimed at informing everyone that strict actions would be taken against anyone who disobeys the rules. It even said, “Having conducted a visit to the block recently I noticed that there was dog excrement, some in bags which has not been picked up and disposed of in the correct manner.” The people were warned about letting their dogs use communal gardens to excrete and if anyone was found guilty and did not take responsibility, the last action would be asking the person to give up their pet.

We are glad the authorities are taking steps towards maintaining a healthy and clean environment. People would be more responsible and think twice before violating any community rules. It is much better this way!