This Man Was Asked To Lay Off His Entire Team, He Did It In The Most Special Way And Made Their Last Day Memorable

One sentence you never want to hear in your life is, “You’re Fired!” Well, the case will be different if you are miserable in your job and you are desperately looking for a reason to leave it. This manager was asked to fire all the members of his team and he found out a way that was less hurting and made their last day memorable.

Reddit has a solution to everything, isn’t it? So, when people asked about the best job-quitting story, people had various experiences to tell. Some were really heartbreaking and some were hilarious to the core.

Reddit used ShortAdamLewis decided to share a story he was part of and shows how a manager should be treating his teammates. Sometimes the employer is not concerned by the fact that it is tough for the employee to lose the job. However, when ShortAdamLewis was given an opportunity to work as a manager for a staff of government workers after retiring from the military, he was thrilled. It was a blessing that after the service he got a stable job.

He was overviewing the work of a small group of people who were carrying out a project for the U.S. government. His entire team was laid off and the project was being shut the next day. It was the manager’s duty to inform the team with 8-hour notice. All this happened after a week of reviews and it was known that the problem was not with the employees, they were hardworking and efficient. However, the jobs were being cut short.

The situation was infuriating enough but ShortAdamLewis maintained his calm. He found a perfect way to conclude their journey. The next day he announced that it was their last day and made sure that they were taking the further step in their successful careers. They spent their half-day workshopping their resumes with one another, and the other half writing recommendation letters for each other.

He wanted to make sure that the employees knew their worth and they shouldn’t be disheartened. He also didn’t want that their last day to be all about work. He got all of them pizzas while they were writing. He also had plans for the night so he convinced his PM boss to take them out for drinks that night. Many of those managed to score new positions in the next week and all thanks to ShortAdamLewis whose humanity is what we need in every employer and that is how he restored everyone’s faith in humanity. ShortAdamLewis said, “Letting people go is never fun. When we can, it never hurts to try and set someone up for success in the future.”