This Man Was High And Ended Up Killing His Own Friend Who He Thought Was A Robber

We all know the consequences of getting high on drugs and if it turns out to be an unfortunate day for you then you might end up in a situation you can never think of while you are sober. This man did something similar and ended up killing his own friend because he thought of him as a robber.

47-year-old man, Byron A. Artis, resident of Milwaukee was charged with first-degree reckless homicide. Reason? He shot down his friend, Ruquinn A. McCullar, 47, because he mistook him for a robber. The friend was shot to death at a gas station when Artis was wigged out and got paranoid.

Artis and McCullar used to do drugs together and that day there was no change in the routine. According to a criminal complaint, both of them got high on cocaine at McCullar’s home and later drove to the Potawatomi Hotel and Casio. Artis dropped his friend there and later came to pick him up after an hour.

Both of them stopped at a BP gas station on West Lisbon Avenue to get some cigarettes. McCullar got off the car. When he came back after getting the required things, he walked towards the driver’s seat and opened the door and that is when the pothead Artis shot him dead.

Artis got hold of his longtime friend when he mistook him as a robber. He claimed that he usually gets paranoid when he wigs out and that is exactly what happened that night as well. The friend fell unconscious near the gas pump and a coroner later figured out that he died due to a gunshot in the head.

Byron fled but surrendered to police the next day. According to the complaint, Artis told officers inside the station, “I guess I’m wanted for a shooting that happened on North 27th Street and West Lisbon Avenue. A friend told me to turn myself in. I think I might need a lawyer.”

Artis made appearances in court initially and even went on to visit McCullar’s house after the shooting, expecting to see him. Drugs really do mess up with your head. So, let’s just say it will be safe to stay yards away from it.