This Man Who Was Victim Of Domestic Violence Covered Up For His Girlfriend When A Policeman Came To His Rescue

Domestic violence is the last thing one should be a victim of. If you aren’t safe in your own home, there is no scope of safety left outside your abode. This man was in an abusive relationship and the college sweetheart turned out to be a sweet witch in his life.

Alex Skeel, a football coach from Stewartby, Bedfordshire was in love with his college sweetheart and the love was to the extent that he tried to cover up the humilities she was making him go through. Six years of torture and he didn’t give up on the love he had for the love of his life.

Alex was in a relationship with Jordan Worth who he had met in 2012 when they were just 16 years old. Today, Worth is the first woman who has been convicted under the crime of controlling behavior. She has been jailed for seven and a half years at Luton Crown Court.

Subjected to torture for six years, Alex spoke about his experience in the BBC Three documentary “Abused By My Girlfriend”. His girlfriend isolated him from his family, denied food, forced him to sleep on the floor and poured boiling water on his back. Being attacked by weapons was part of a regular day and the weapons would include a hammer, screwdriver, and bread knives.

Alex was told that he was ten days away from death and that is when he finally accepted the help from police officer Sgt. Ed Finn who had once come to his place and found him in blood and his arm wrapped in a towel.

At that point, Alex had blamed himself for the injury to save his girlfriend, mother of his two children. He was worried that he would not get the custody of his kids.

The documentary is a mixture of interviews and police archive footage. This has been declared as one of the most extreme cases of violence witnessed by Bedfordshire Police. He recalls every wound and every scar he has on his body.

When people asked him why he never parted ways with the abuser, he said it was complicated. She had set up a Facebook account and sent abusive messages to his friends and isolated him. She made him change his number.

When Worth was questioned on the scenario, she said, “He made it very clear he never wanted to see his family. He said he hated his family and he doesn’t want to talk to his family. He wants nothing to do with his family.”

After all the struggle, Alex has been reunited with his kids and is now a coach for a football team sponsored by a domestic abuse charity. He is currently making people realize what signs they need to note to figure out that it is a controlling and abusive relationship.