This Mexican Festival needs to STOP RIGHT NOW!! No animal deserves such BRUTAL behavior from Humans!!

One of the South American Festivals which is believed to have roots considered to be pious and religious is now considered to be a brutal blood bath for bulls during the so called “Celebration”.

The week-long Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria, is a festival celebrated in the honor of the Virgin of Candelaria. It is celebrated in many Central and South American countries.


In Tlacotalpan region of Mexico, the festival has eventually taken an extreme form as the locals of the region spend the entire week drinking homemade ‘toritos’ , which is an alcoholic drink, before a pack of bulls is unleashed on their town. The bulls participating in the event are also loaded with heavy amounts of alcohol through out the week, or for as long as they survive within that week, that is.

The drunk locals then unleash these bulls and make them loiter around the streets of the city. They then throw sticks, stones and other beat the animals just for sheer fun. The locals get extremely brutal as they are heavily intoxicated with toritos, and consider this entire activity as a form of entertainment and celebrating festivities.  As per the rules they are not supposed to touch any of the bulls participating i n the event, but the locals claim that since every one is so heavily intoxicated, it is difficult to control them or remind them of guidelines. Some of the locals are so drunk and aggressive that they chop off different body parts like ears, tails, etc of the bulls causing them immense pain and harm.


They even end up pulling tails of these animals with full strength, sometimes, few people pull tails of these animals. The animals get traumatized and severely tortured and abused during the event. And just in case they survive all of this torture, they are drowned at the end of the week, marking the end of the festival.  But the drowning is not the end of their misery. They are often tied to boats and dragged through the river before they completely succumb and die.


Just in case, any of the bulls still survive, they are let out in open pastures in peace.

Several online petitions have been filed in order to request the locals to stop this heinous practice and end this animal torture – fest. These petitions have gathered nothing less than 160,000 signatures.

‘This is another example of man’s inhumanity to animals, which I simply can’t get my head around. Fiestas like this take place particularly in Spain and Mexico with the sole purpose seemingly for people to get their kicks by torturing and killing defenseless animals,’ Dominic Dye of Care for the Wild International said.


This festival takes place in Mexico every year in February, and as per the ritual, it is scheduled to be “celebrated” in February again this year. Thousands of people have called for an end to the use of bulls or any of the animals in this fest namely, the Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria.

Unavoidably, a lot of human lives are also lost in this fest and several hundreds of people are injured during these festivities as the bulls are also drunk and lose their sanity. Even those bulls that have not been intoxicated lose their calm because of the tremendous torture and pain inflicted on them.


What are your views on this fest? Do you agree with the cessation of celebrations of such a festival? D let us know your views in the comments below. Do share this with your friends and make them aware of this super popular festival of Mexico.