This MIL Refuses To Call Her Grandchildren By Their Actual Names

This Redditor is not sure how to react when her MIL is not calling her baby with the name they gave her. The MIL had initially decided names for her grandchildren but the mother was not okay with naming her kids that way. When the first granddaughter was born, the MIL decided to name her “Amazing Grace” and the reason was her religiousness.

The mother was not okay with that and she politely said no to her demand. The mother in law was adamant and said, “Y’all can name her whatever you want, but I’m gonna call her Mazie. Short for Amazing Grace.”

The granddaughter is now five years old and the saga has continued since then.

After that, another daughter was born and the father decided her middle name. The MIL either calls her by that name or a country-fied version of it.

People are weirded out by the behavior of the MIL and have suggested equally weird stuff too try.

A person commented, “You can call them by their names or they can call you ‘grandmother we never see.’ Your choice. Every time she does it, get up, pack the kids up and leave without saying anything.”

People were judging the MIL’s choice of names for obvious reasons, DUH! Another person commented, “Aside from the fact that she refuses to call [dear daughter] by her given name, she wanted that child’s first name to be Amazing?! That is insane.”

There were suggestions for the mother to call her mother in law by other biblical names such as Lilith, Mazikeen, or Jezebel because they imply the meaning of evil.

Weird stuff MILs do to mark their territories. Just another normal saga from family drama.