This MIL Wanted To Be Part Of Her Son’s Honeymoon So She Booked A Ticket For Herself

The sole purpose of some MILs is to make your life miserable somehow. This one MIL found a way and it was third-wheeling the couple on their honeymoon.

This anonymous bride-to-be was furious and didn’t care to mince her words when she was venting out on Mumsnet.

Her post read, “[She] has often been tricky/difficult, likes to get her own way and can be manipulative if she thinks I’m likely to say no to something, so I’m not sure if this is coloring my view of the latest situation.”

She is getting married next year and her mum in law is trying to plan her honeymoon.
She further said, “Mother-in-law was here over Christmas and was involved in the discussion. Up until now, she has always expressed a dislike of long haul holidays and ‘would never go on one’.

We were planning a trip to the Caribbean, with a few days in the US on the way back; she thought we could have a nicer holiday in Cyprus.

We are limited on dates; my parents have very kindly offered to have our kids for the fortnight and have had to book time off work. We have given my mother-in-law the proposed dates as she’d also offered to help out.”

It was all going good until the mother posted an update on Facebook about the trip she was going to.

She further explained, “Fast forward to last night and she’s posted on Facebook that she’s booked a holiday to the same chuffing resort she knew we were looking at.

“Worse than that, the dates overlap so she’d be there for the first few days of our honeymoon. She’s making out like it was a pure accident but I really don’t feel that it is.”

The bright side here is that the couple hasn’t booked any tickets for themselves and have an option to change the plan. However, the plan to go to dream destination just went down the hill.