This Mother Was Trolled Over Her Baby Bump, People Called It Gross And Big Enough To Expect A Horse

Motherhood is tough and tougher is the period when your body changes for accommodating a baby in your body. Want to know what is worse than witnessing a major change in your body? It is when people become harsh and even body shame your baby bump. This woman faced the same as people called her pregnancy bump gross.

This woman from Australia got some really gross remarks on her baby bump and the trolls hit her when she was just 14 weeks pregnant. Elisha Bakes, a 30-year-old woman who lives in Melbourne, is a personal assistant and is a mother to son, Kyson, who is 21 months old. She delivered her second baby, Kaelen, in January 2019. The baby weighed 8lbs and is healthy. This healthy baby was his mother’s world shaky before even entering the world. She was trolled for the size of her baby bump and people were cruel enough to say that she might be expecting a horse instead of a human.

Thanks to social media, we can share the happy and sad moments of our lives with all the people we are connected with but the problem is not all people know how to be happy for other people and instead troll others for anything they find odd. Elisha also shared a picture of her with her 32,700 Instagram followers to announce her pregnancy. People instead of congratulating her wholeheartedly starting to pinpoint that she must be having her calculation wrong as the bump looked larger than 14 weeks.

The mother and her partner Tane told that the criticism of the size of her bump didn’t stop and people started claiming that either she was eating too much or was eating unhealthy. As time passed by, the comments got uglier. People started saying that either she is having 78 babies or a horse and some had the audacity to call it gross.

When she was six months pregnant people would ask her if she was due in the next few days and that it was the biggest bump they had ever seen. She would respond to the negative comments sometimes and would try to explain that she is just 5’3” and her short frame is the reason why the bump looks so huge.

The hurtful things people said did make her worried. She said that people have an opinion about how a baby bump should look like and if it is any way different, people feel like commenting on it. Women who were facing similar comments started to reach out to her and told about how anxious and insecure they get when someone said such harsh things.

She was thick skinned so this didn’t bother her even if the comments got worse. The issue was the trolls didn’t stop even when she had delivered the baby. They then started commenting about the baby. There were comments like, “Oh he only weighed 8lbs.”


She then felt a need to share her journey online with all people. She expressed all her feelings in the post and explained that not all women carry babies in a similar manner.

Everything matters, your and your partner’s genetics and also the fluids and pregnancy condition of that specific person. Women started to thank her for making them feel confident about their respective bodies and baby bumps.

Her final say on this incident is, “No matter what size you are, pregnancy isn’t easy.”