This Photographer Broke All Misconceptions About People With Albinism With Their Mesmerizing Pictures

There are numerous beliefs about Albinos and the stereotypes have a long list. The thoughts like they possess magical and healing powers, it’s contagious, a curse, albinos are unintelligent, and albinos are evil, all these thoughts make us cringe and what not. However, we are not going to talk about any of it but the beauty they have and how mesmerizing it is.

Albino people have been facing abuse, discrimination, violence, and even death due to such lame thinking. Albinism is a condition that reduces melanin pigment in the skin, eyes, and hair and it’s the genetic flaw that makes them look like they do.

According to a report released by the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH), there is one person with albinism among 18000 to 20000 people. In some parts of the world, this number is even higher.

People with this condition have been made to believe that they are not as beautiful as others. Israel based photographer, Yulia Taits, wanted to change the perception and by capturing their natural beauty through her lens and compiled all her portraits in her series Porcelain Beauty.

A Plain white background was taken to photograph men, women, and children with albinism. She did it with the purpose of showing that the degree of whiteness may vary from each individual. She even helped to break a myth that all albino people have red eyes. In reality, albino people have blue, green, hazel, and brown eyes. It is just the red-eye effect that gives them the look of red eyes.


The photographer is known for her talent of creating the imaginary, surreal world through her photography and power of Photoshop. She didn’t manipulate the photos in any way as she feels that the beauty is so pure and amazing for her and it took her to the fantasy world.

She further added, “This series was an amazing experience for me because I could create this beautiful photography without Photoshop. What transpired was pure natural beauty.”
She believes that this project gave her an opportunity to meet great people and was motivated to do this project due to the support of the models and parents.