This Pic Of 2 Cops Is Going Viral. Wonder Why? Take A Closer Look

Brittany Beard Hilton and husband Steve are both police officers in Bridge City, Texas. They got to know about the power of social media recently when Brittany posted a picture of both of them, sitting in a patrol car on Thanksgiving Day. And the same post was shared by 10,000 times for an unexpected reason.


Looking at the picture intensely in order to know the reason.

If two of them are busy taking selfie, one could make it up that they are not driving for a ride. But then again, it does really come into the mind, what was the reason that motivated both of them to capture at that very moment itself. And if not this, then what’s so catchy about it??

Reason is very important to be known.


Before getting onto the reason, it’s very important to get familiar to the context as context is everything, even if it is the picture of two cute cops.

Current Scenario- The Basic key to the Context.


It’s human nature to focus more on the negative rather than the positive. And in contemporary times, the brave community is criticized for the antagonistic law enforcement procedures.

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