This pug took the exact same selfies as Kim Kardashian and is breaking the internet today!

Doug, a squishface pug is all over the internet these days, for obvious reasons of course. The internet is so full of “Doug the Pug recreates Kim Kardashian’s selfies” that it is hard to resist prying in to learn what the hullabaloo is all about. Last we checked, Doug was having a fun time posing for team Mashable, recreating Kim Kardashian’s famous selfies from the 300-pages hardcover edition of Selfish.


Before we delve further into the article for the pictures, Doug, for your information, is an Instagram famous pug from Nashville with a whooping 292,000 followers. What makes him so famous? Nada! Doug doesn’t hail from any parts of the far-off galaxy, nor does he have more than four feet that would single him out amongst his brethren; Doug, on the other hand, is the adorable meatball who shot to instant fame on the web for his internet breaking pictures donning Kim K’s sexiest poses.

We can’t love Doug more, and these pictures (NSFW stuff) tell you why.

#showertime  selfie


#toungetricks selfie


#bedtime selfie




#bikinibaron selfie


#girlfriends selfie