This Python Broke Into A House And Won A Fair Fight But The Reward Was Not What You Would Expect!

Out of everything that exists on earth, the wild is the one that never fails to surprise or scare the hell out of us. For instance your pets, they will take every possible thing in your house as their toy of the moment made solely for their enjoyment. So, if something goes missing or is destroyed, the owners know who’s the culprit. But what would happen if somebody from the woods comes uninvited into your house like snakes. They are fascinating creatures but you never know what danger awaits you.
The Australians know this feeling too well as with dangerous wild animals lurking around every corner, they have more to worry about on their plate than just their dogs chewing up the shoes. Something similar happened with a family on Australia’s Gold Coast when they realized that someone had broken into their home and what they saw next, literally, shocked them.

A family was left terrified when they found that a ginormous python had broken into their house.

However, they soon realized that the snake’s penchant for burglary wasn’t the only strange thing about him. A large bulge right in the middle of his body shocked them more and so they immediately called a local handler Tony Harrison. Tony, then, helped rush the reptile to a veterinarian.


An X-ray of the snake confirmed that he had definitely swallowed something strange but they still had no clue what the object could be.

Seeing the python’s distressed condition, the team of veterinarians got right to work, performing an emergency operation on the snake. Performing surgery on animal is risky as they don’t have the liberty to communicate like the humans. However, things would have been much simpler if the snake could speak and admit what he had ingested. But pulling a piece of out did give a hint as to solve the mystery.


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