This Unique London Café Offers ‘Pay What You Like’ For Their Breakfast

It’s time we realize that getting a meal in the morning is a big deal and is considered a privilege. Not everyone around the world can afford breakfast.

The first meal of the day is important and this café called “Eggs & Bread” in Wood Green, London is making it convenient for all to start their day with a healthy breakfast. The café’s founder has kept in mind that some people have a tough relationship with money. He understands that some can’t hang out at the common breakfast places. So, he came up with this amazing plan!

They offer “pay what you like” breakfast to all its customers with a sweet intention of making the first meal of the day available to all.

Whoever comes for breakfast at this special café can donate as much amount as they wish to only if they can afford to. They can do this discretely and nothing is awkward. Isn’t this incredible?

The café was not known until Steve Parks who visited this place tweeted about their service and how thoughtful they are!


His tweet read, “£20 for a boiled egg, one piece of toast and a mug of tea? The story of a modern London café…”

This café has nothing extravagant, instead, it’s a simple place with a limited menu. According to Steve, they offer boiled eggs, toast, jam and porridge. Obviously, you get tea or coffee too. He revealed that this awe-inspiring café doesn’t do takeaway and the customers can come and sit there for breakfast.

He added, “The café is a just normal café, bright and welcoming on the main street people walk down to the station. Nothing to make anyone feel they are ‘other’ if they have breakfast here. In fact, it’s cool!”

There is self-service at this place and people have to boil eggs on their own. Then, put your plates and bowls in the area designated for used dishes. No one gets you a check after you finish. There’s a donation box and you can put in any amount you wish to give.

Steve explained, “The idea is that if you can afford to put something in, maybe contribute for some other breakfasts too.”

This whole idea is making us believe that good still exists! Their twitter account says, “Everyone Deserves A Good Start To The Day – whether you’re a city broker or simply broke, everyone’s welcome.”

This café is brightening up everyone’s day and making them regain faith in humanity. We hope such noble deeds are carried on and reach all the areas around the world!