This Woman Got Pregnant With Her Best Friend’s Ex, Now Wants Her BFF To Be The Maid Of Honor At Their Wedding

We all have found ourselves on the horns of a dilemma at one point or another. It is not that complicated when materialistic things are involved but when there is an involvement of people who are really close to you, then it gets difficult to untangle the twisted strings. This woman experienced a similar situation with her best friend and her ex.

Relationships can get complicated if required attention is not paid to them. Talking about relationships and complications, this woman got stuck in a situation which involved good relationships that turned into complicated ones before she knew it. The only thing she could feel at that time was agony.

We know it makes you wonder as to what can be so distressing for that woman. It was deeply upsetting for her as the two people involved were her best friend and her on-and-off-again ex. Yes, that’s what makes it worse than anything else.

Now, the complication is the big question! It turns out her best friend started dating her ex secretly (yes, that’s important to mention!) and got pregnant. Her best friend dating her ex, getting pregnant were enough of a shock for this woman until she received another “bad news”. So, her best friend got engaged to (of course) that ex and now has asked this woman to be the maid of honor at their wedding. Surprising? Shocking? We don’t know but this was all definitely unexpected for her.

The woman wrote this whole story on Reddit and explained how she had a strong bond with her best friend. They have spent their entire childhood together. That’s how inseparable they have been!

The ex we are referring to here was her boyfriend during the college days. They have been through a lot of ups and downs during their “long-term” relationship. Those ups and downs were actually continuing till date until all this happened. They used to talk to each other even when he went to a new city. Exchange of flirty texts, going on vacations were common activities which they shared even though they did have other relationships all this time.

The complex issue arose when her best friend also moved to another city which turns out to be the same as the place where her ex lived. As any friend would do, she recommended that the two should catch up so that her best friend feels comfortable at a new place. But little did she know, it would come back to haunt her. She figured out something was fishy when her ex stopped texting her. On top of that, her BFF seemed really excited to meet her when she was coming home. She could tell from her voice that the excitement was not the usual one.

Her BFF came and then it started to rain “bad news” one after another. The news of her BFF being pregnant was good until she was told who the father of the child was. Imagine the reaction! She wrote, “I about died when she said the baby is [Ex’s].”

The conversation involved a lot of apologies and explanations but one cannot change what has been done. The woman was just trying to recover from this shock when her BFF asked her the big question – Would she be her maid of honor at their wedding?

She was not ready for this! In her post, she wrote, “I told her that I loved her but I just couldn’t be around her right now and no way I could even go to their wedding let alone be in the wedding party.”

He heart just felt so heavy and she could not control her tears. She loved her and felt so bad that she was not able to share her happiness.

People gave their opinions after reading her post. Some showed full support to her and told her that her feelings were completely valid, while others advised her to think about it and not just ruin her relationship with both of them.

She was upset that now her conversations with the ex would stop. She revealed that it would be the saddest part of this whole situation. But time heals everything and she is slowly accepting this and we hope everything gets back to normal in her life.